I’m a leader, coach, and creative who inspires individuals and organizations to take bold next steps that align with their strengths and values.

With a diverse background as an author, editor, pastor, business leader, and career and executive coach, I thrive where purposeful growth is valued.

I create environments that empower people to do their best and do good.

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I’ve authored or coauthored nearly 70 books across diverse topics for adults, students, and children.

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My book topics span leadership, business strategy, and conflict resolution to self-discovery, spirituality, school violence prevention, service learning, entertainment, and more.

I write nonfiction books, video scripts, curricula, digital content, presentations, discussion guides, and reference tools.

I’m published in languages from Spanish and German to Slovenian, Indonesian, and Mongolian and distributed worldwide. I created two books for distribution to 20 million youth and young adults in 60 countries across six global regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Mideast, and the former Soviet Union).

I’ve gone under the knife of editors good, awful, and legendary. Drug free.

My writing partners include a coauthor with 50 million books in print in more than a hundred languages, another with operations on five continents, and another with church campuses across multiple US states.

I’ve solo-authored works up to 180,000 words (720 pages).

I’ve edited works up to 800,000 words (3,200 pages).

I directed a $6 million adult nonfiction division of 30 books a year. I rescued the reboot of a classic title with lifetime revenue exceeding $100 million.

I’ve repeatedly reinvented my writing to survive in the marketplace, driving three decades of successful business development and overcoming upheavals in markets, competition, distribution channels, media formats, pricing, and reader habits.

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If you really want to get to know yourself, start by writing a book.

—Shereen El Feki

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